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2016 - A 2015 Ford F-350 dump truck with plow was purchased with a 50% grant in the amount of $28,000 from USDA.  This truck will aid in snowplowing, brush pickup and many other tasks.  A mini excavator was also purchased with a USDA grant in the amount of $17,000.  The Mini-X will be helpful in the cemetery when digging graves.

Department of Public Works

The Breckenridge Department of Public Works is responsible for all vital inner workings of the Community. They monitor the safety and health standards of the public fresh water supply and make weekly reports to the Department of Environmental Quality. They also ensure that all waste water systems are operating at the level of health safety and efficiency that is required by the laws of Michigan.

Depending on the seasons DPW personnel maintain the lawns in the parks, cemetery, and all other public areas. In the winter months they clear snow from public parking areas, roadways, and sidewalks. Year round they deal with storm water run-off maintaining approximately 15 miles of drainage pipes and catch basins.

In Breckenridge our staff is also entrusted with the monumental responsibility of Cemetery management and burials, a task that our team accomplishes with a huge amount of pride and respect.

Water Quality Reports

Before Upgrades

After Upgrades