Village of Breckenridge


Our Local Government

The Village of Breckenridge is a General Law Village that operates under the Village Council/Manager form of government. Six Trustees and a Village President are elected to serve on the Council.

Village Officials

PresidentChuck Seeley

President Pro-TeamJake Matthews

Village ManagerJeff Ostrander

Treasurer / ClerkBridget McPherson

Police ChiefJames Durham

Fire ChiefJeff Westall

Zoning Administrator     Jeff Ostrander


What We Do


Village Manager Jeff Ostrander

  • Directs and Coordinates the administration of Village government
  • Chief Administrative Officer
  • Zoning Administrator
  • Street Administrator
  • Police Administrator
  • Administers Budget
  • Approves all purchasing
  • Reviews/Administers Policies as set by Council
  • Maintains Public Relations

Village Treasurer Bridget McPherson

  • Collects real and personal Village taxes
  • Keeps an account of Village receipts (revenues) and expenditures
  • Deposits and invests Village revenues in approved depositories
  • Reconciles bank statements
  • Prepares monthly/annual financial statements
  • Prepares Budget Resolution and Amendments
  • Completes Reports for the Federal and State Government

Village Clerk Bridget McPherson

  • Maintains custody of all Village records
  • Records and maintains minutes of Village Council meetings
  • Administers Oaths of Office
  • Maintains/Keeps Village Ordinance Book
  • Keeps voter registration file and conducts Village elections
  • Issues checks for payment of invoices
Meeting Dates

Council Meetings
4th Monday @ Village Hall
At 7:00 PM

Planning Commission
2nd-Monday @ Village Hall
At 7:00 PM

Library Board
2nd-Monday @ Library
At 6:00 PM

Fire Board
3rd-Wednesday @ Fire Hall
At 7:00 PM

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